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I am working towards a DPhil (PhD) under the supervision of Felix Parra (University of Oxford) and Jon Hillesheim (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy). My work is focused on measuring and understanding turbulence in fusion plasmas. I am developing a model for the interaction between microwaves and turbulent density fluctuations to analyse and interpret data from the Doppler Backscattering (DBS) diagnostic. DBS is especially important for future tokamaks as it is one of the few available diagnostics which are robust enough to withstand high neutron fluxes. For a layman-friendly introduction to nuclear fusion, consider listening to our Oxford podcast.

In addition to my theoretical work, I am also the scientific coordinator of an experiment of MAST-U’s first campaign.

Journal Publications

Beam model of Doppler backscattering link
VH Hall-Chen, FI Parra, JC Hillesheim.
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion , (submitted)

Interpreting radial correlation Doppler reflectometry using gyrokinetic simulations link
J Ruiz Ruiz, FI Parra, VH Hall-Chen, N Christen, M Barnes, J Candy, J Garcia, C Giroud, W Guttenfelder, JC Hillesheim, C Holland, N Howard, Y Ren, A White.
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion , (submitted)

Structural color three-dimensional printing by shrinking photonic crystals link
Y Liu, H Wang, J Ho, RC Ng, RJ Ng, VH Hall-Chen, EH Koay, Z Dong, H Liu, CW Qiu, JR Greer, JKW Yang.
Nature Communications 10, 4340 (2019)

Freestanding dielectric nanohole array metasurface for mid-infrared wavelength applications link
JR Ong, HS Chu, VH Chen, AY Zhu, P Genevet.
Optics Letters 42, 2639–2642 (2017)

Polarisation independent silicon-on-insulator slot waveguides link
VH Chen, JR Ong, CE Png.
Scientific Reports 6, 37760 (2016)

Three-dimensional single gyroid photonic crystals with a mid-infrared bandgap link
S Peng, R Zhang, VH Chen, ET Khabiboulline, P Braun, HA Atwater.
ACS Photonics 3, 1131–1137 (2016)

Optimal geometry of nonlinear silicon slot waveguides accounting for the effect of waveguide losses link
JR Ong and VH Chen.
Optics Express 23, 33622–33633 (2015)

Distribution of switching fields in thin films with uni-axial magnetic anisotropy link
NL Yakovlev, YY Tay, ZJ Tay, HV Chen.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 329, 170–177 (2013)

Two-axis magnetisation analysis of epitaxial cobalt films link
NL Yakovlev, H Chen, K Zhang.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11, 2575–2578 (2011)

Book Chapters

Localized polaritons of multi-particle systems link
L Wu, VH Chen, P Bai, S Sun.
In Nanophotonics and Plasmonics: An Integrated View, Eds. YA Akimov and CE Png, CRC Press (2017)


Interpreting Doppler backscattering with beam tracing and reciprocity in tokamak geometry link
VH Hall-Chen, FI Parra, JC Hillesheim.
62nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, poster presentation (2020)

Modelling the effects of misaligning the probe beam and magnetic field in Doppler backscattering measurements
VH Hall-Chen, FI Parra, JC Hillesheim.
14th International Reflectometry Workshop, oral presentation (2019)

Effects of misaligning the probe beam and magnetic field in Doppler backscattering measurements link
VH Chen, FI Parra, JC Hillesheim.
45th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, poster presentation (2018)

Doppler backscattering measurements of fusion plasmas
VH Chen, FI Parra, JC Hillesheim.
IEEE NPSS (Singapore Chapter), technical seminar (2017)

Magnetic and optical properties of cobalt thin films with uniaxial anisotropy
H Chen, YY Tay, ZJ Tay, YJ Nguoi, NL Yakovlev.
International Conference for Young Researchers on Advanced Materials, poster presentation (2012)

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